10 effective ways to lose weight while maintaining your immunity

10 effective ways to lose weight while maintaining your immunity

During the COVID-19 pandemic process, we often found ourselves cooking in the kitchen, sometimes due to boredom, sometimes stress and anxiety. Although the delicious meals and desserts we prepared have enjoyed us in this process, the rise in the needle of the tart in time has become inevitable. Now the summer has come and the hurry to lose those weights that we have all received immediately. We all know that shock diets cause many health problems, especially weakening the immune system, and that we lose the weight we lost again in a short time. Moreover, especially because of Covid-19’s lowering of our body’s resistance, we should not even think of shock diets for a short time. So how can we permanently get rid of our weight without lowering our immune system?

Begin the day with protein

To regulate your diet, you must first start the day with a healthy breakfast. You will consume at breakfast; Foods rich in protein such as cheese, eggs, yogurt and milk will provide long-term satiety and will contribute to suppress your habit of snacking. Protein intake will also help keep your immune system strong.

Yogurt in vegetables, salad in meat

The lunch that most of us skipped due to late breakfast while we were at home; it usually causes us to go for practical delicious snacks or overload the evening meal due to the drop in blood sugar in the afternoon and the resulting hunger. Since this situation causes weight gain; Besides the vegetable meal, besides the protein such as yogurt and meat, the lunch you will plan with salads will keep you full and protect you from weight gain.

Take advantage of tropical oils

Foods rich in good oils such as avocados and coconut will keep you full and benefit your cardiovascular health. 1-2 days a week, consuming half an avocado for breakfast or adding 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to your coffee in the snack will help you lose weight by providing fullness as well as coloring your diet. However, be sure to consume these foods rich in saturated fats without exaggeration to protect your cardiovascular health.

Is it real or emotional hunger

Which means eating more than usual in order to get rid of negative emotions ’emotional food’ common problem of many of us. The first way to avoid this is to discover the link between your mood and eating, especially if your eating amount has increased due to anxiety or stressful situations such as inability to go out in the pandemic, immobility, uncertainty of the process. If you become aware of this, you can prevent emotional eating by doing different activities such as walking instead of eating and listening to music after negative emotions.

Fight your sweet wish

Dessert is a habit as well as creating a vicious circle due to its fluctuations in blood sugar and its pleasant feature. “If the underlying factor in your sweet desire is the fluctuations in your blood sugar, not skipping meals, consuming protein sources in meals (meat, chicken, yogurt, eggs, etc.) will keep your blood sugar in balance and prevent the desire for dessert.” Nutrition and Dietetic Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman continues as follows: “Repetitive behaviors are addictive. So if you consume dessert for fun, try to stay away for a few days. You will observe that your desire for dessert is slowly disappearing.”

Pay attention to hunger and thirst signals

Made works; showed that people with insufficient water consumption had higher body mass index. One of the main reasons for this is that when we are dehydrated when hunger and thirst are often mixed with each other, we have a tendency to eat something or to remove the feeling of thirst with high-calorie, sugary drinks. That’s why you should make sure you drink enough water every day. Do not forget to drink 30 ml of water per kilo daily.

Eat hard foods instead of liquid

In recent years, liquid nutrition has become a trend. “However, studies have shown that liquid nutrition is more hungry than solid nutrition and people consume more calories after liquid food consumption.” Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, Nutrition and Diet Expert “It has also been revealed in studies that chewing food makes it easier to reach saturation. Therefore, prefer foods in chewable form instead of foods in blender liquid form.” says.

Make your nutrition program colorful

As the Covid-19 threat continues, we must invest in our immune system, which is our only weapon. Take advantage of the antioxidant properties of fruits and vegetables such as apricots, blackberries, strawberries, green peppers, tomatoes, especially for your body to have a strong resistance.

Eat legumes cold

Starch, which is found in dried legumes such as dry beans, chickpeas, and lentils, becomes cold-resistant starch when it is cooled after cooking, meaning that it becomes difficult to digest in our body. “Resistant starch provides longer satiety and helps increase the number of beneficial bacteria in the gut” Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, who is the nutrition and diet expert, says: “For this reason, legumes consumed coldly, such as peas and lentil salad, will help you lose weight and protect your immune system by meeting your daily protein needs.”

Not without exercise

Since exercise secretes serotonin in the body, it helps manage negative emotions and thus prevent emotional eating. You should also exercise regularly to make the difference between calories ingested and spent, which is the basic condition for losing weight. In this way, you can lose the weight you gain during the quarantine period much easier.