10 gray bathroom designs for every style

10 gray bathroom designs for every style Timeless, classic, calming and cool. Whether you’re building a full gray or a canvas for your favorite decor, these gray bathrooms prove how dynamic the shade can be.

Mirrors and patterns

The multi-tone wallpaper and large mirror in the design proves that gray can be dynamic when used correctly. The depth created by the patterned wall and the reflection of the mirror gives the illusion of a wider area.

Gray with blue touch

For lighter gray bathrooms, dark blue accents are perfect to balance brightness. Midnight blue of the finished bathtub connects the bathroom, adding a deeper value to the naturally lit area.

Go deep

This stunning bathroom in the home of fashion manager Trent Wisehart takes full advantage of many shades of gray that create depth in a smaller space.

Warm gray accents

In this unique, library-inspired bathroom, window frames complementing the extensive collection of vintage books and fine art create an inviting space with warm gray accents on the door and tub.

Gilded style

Filled with artistic touches, this bathroom features a classic Parisian ambiance with a golden chandelier that adds sophistication to the monochromatic space.

Ground oriented

If you’re looking for a minimalist slim look, make the floor your focal point without getting in front of your bathroom. In this modern bathroom designed by Daryl Carter, the striped stone tiles complete the simple design of the space and draw the eye down.

Expression mirrors

The main bathroom at this bohemian Soho Loft uses simple white accessories and charcoal tiled floors to complement its ornate, ancient Italian mirrors.

Red touches

A gray burst is the perfect solution if you want a gray design but aren’t exactly sure. Dark tiles and gray floors can be illuminated instantly with just a red touch.

Farmhouse style

The farmhouse style adds a rustic touch to the traditional black and white bathroom, creating a calm and comfortable getaway.

Small touches

In this restored farmhouse, the bathroom was transformed with very simple touches. Wooden paneled walls and window frames were painted in low-contrast grays, which managed to make the unique, original structure the focus of this historic bathroom.

10 gray bathroom designs for every style