10 misconceptions known during pregnancy

10 misconceptions known during pregnancy

Mother candidates, of course, do not neglect their routine controls so that their baby is born healthy and try to get accurate information about pregnancy-baby health. But some mistakes about pregnancy can cause even conscious mothers to make mistakes. Here are the “right” of the “wrong” information that is settled in the society about pregnancy …

1. Pregnancy lasts 9 months

Contrary to what is known, pregnancy is calculated according to the last day of the menstrual period. 7 days are added to the last menstrual date and subtracted 3 days from the month. Accordingly, the date of birth is determined as 40 weeks from the last menstrual date. According to these estimates, the probability of keeping the date of birth is around 70%. It should also be remembered that 10% probability that some expectant mothers are likely to have preterm birth for various reasons.

2. The mother-to-be should eat 2 people

Experts describe the fact that the expectant mother starts to eat for two after she becomes pregnant is a malnutrition behavior. It is enough for the mother-to-be to gain 9-16 pounds during pregnancy. In addition, attention should be paid to food quality and balanced nutrition.

3. If the baby has a lot of hair, the pregnancy period will pass with nausea

Contrary to what is said to start growing of the baby’s hair in the womb, it does not increase stomach complaints during pregnancy. Stomach complaints increase as a result of the baby’s pressure on the diaphragm and stomach during the following weeks of gestation or when too much food is eaten.

4. No travel by plane while pregnant

Traveling during pregnancy is not objectionable. However, short distance trips should be preferred. You should prefer trips that will take no more than 2 hours by car and, if possible, plane travel. Make sure that the destination is a safe place with medical facilities.

5. The premature baby cannot survive or become unhealthy

Experts state that premature babies are not unlikely to survive, but rather increase. With a good care, the preterm baby can catch up with the development level of his peers in a short time and lead a healthy life.

6. Pregnant women cannot have a lung film

Contrary to what has been said, the dose of radiation received during the lung film is very low, which is said to be reliable.

7. If the pregnant woman does not consume the food she has craved, the baby will be missing a limb.

Contrary to what is known, craving is a psychological condition. The most important correct and balanced diet should be during pregnancy.

8. No sports while pregnant

Inactivity during pregnancy is risky for the life of both the expectant mother and the baby. During this period, regular walking, swimming and light exercises are recommended instead of heavy and difficult sports. Experts also underline that the expectant mothers who do regular sports survive the birth process more easily.

9. Dyeing hair and wearing makeup during pregnancy will harm the baby

You can dye your hair during pregnancy. However, you should generally avoid chemicals. Studies have shown that dyeing hair after the third month of pregnancy is not objectionable.

In addition, it is important for prospective mothers to be well-groomed and feel good. For this reason, you can also use makeup materials in minimal doses.

10. If the mother becomes beautiful, she becomes a boy, if she becomes ugly, she becomes a girl

Contrary to popular belief, whether your womb is wide or pointed does not mean the gender of the baby. Depending on the mother’s body structure, the shape of the abdomen may vary. Although the sex of the baby is determined when the fetus is settled, the pregnancy is 11-12. It can be said by 90 percent accuracy in the week, and 100 percent in the 17th week.

10 misconceptions known during pregnancy

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