2020 home and office design trends

2020 home and office design trends

Elips Design Architecture Founder Y.Architect Feza Rustawa, taking into consideration the residential and working places, conveyed the innovations to be discussed in the field of design in 2020 and the trends that we will encounter in the future.

Simple designs are at the forefront

Stating that the minimalist, simple and functional design ideas that have been going on for a while will continue to come to the fore, Koca emphasizes that new trends must come along as their lifestyle and needs change: “With the changes in technology and user habits between 2010-2019, there have been transitions to different languages ​​in architecture and interior architecture. With 2020, we are entering a new 10-year period. In the coming years, technology will always be at the forefront of the digital world, so architecture and interior design trends will also benefit from technology to the maximum extent. Besides comfort, areas that will create photo frames with social media effect will continue to be created. ”

Old strict rules are breaking

Emphasizing that the generation Y started in business life and started to live in their own houses, new architectural styles supporting the way of life emerged in offices and residences, Koca states that Y and Z generations are seeking comfort in places with different requests, and old strict rules are gradually breaking.

In addition to this, the architect states that the cities are getting bigger every year, but the spaces we live and work with have been reduced with the understanding of comfort of new generations, and he adds that natural materials will be preferred in both office and residential designs that enable them to be spacious and be used in different functions when desired: “In addition to wood, we will see materials such as straw, rattan and jute in these areas. Using this type of fibrous materials will add more texture to the space and make the environment more warm. Wood surfaces will be painted in different patterns and will create defined spaces.”

Speaking that velvety floors will continue to be used in interior designs, Koca said that the atmosphere of different cultures can be kept alive by using ethnic objects and the brightness of the metal; He says that all variations of metal will be used in lamps, mirror frames, furniture and accessories.

Trend of the year: Classic blue

“Terrazzo coating will be used in architecture and design in larger sizes, less density and more strikingly than traditional” The trend color announced by the Pantone Color Institute of 2020 “classic blue”He also emphasizes.

Pantone Color Institute Managing Director Leatrice Eiseman’s color of the year, “We live in a time that requires trust and faith. Pantone 19-4052 is a tone that we can always rely on, that is a tangible and trust-inspiring tone.” In the new year, Koca says that we will also see the colors of flame red, saffron, biscuit green, chives green, pale denim, orange peel, mosaic blue, coral pink, stick cinnamon and daylight in the interior.

Art will find more space

He also adds that art will find more places in interior spaces as the biggest supporter of decoration in 2020, and residential spaces will be personalized with paintings and sculptures, regardless of their interior style.

Stating that trends will be much more flexible in the design of space Y and Z, which gives importance to naturalness, comfort, technology and socialization in office designs, Koca said that this situation is due to the fact that it is a more global user community that does not stuck in a single place against architects and it is He states that it is necessary to consider the needs of this new user community, which gives much more value, and that the most important criteria that determine the trends are the efforts to tailor these needs in the most accurate way.

2020 home and office design trends