5 exercise rules for a healthy pregnancy

5 exercise rules for a healthy pregnancy

Stating that exercises during pregnancy are of great importance for mother and baby health, Doctors gave information about the importance of exercise during pregnancy.

Exercises that make the mother candidate feel physically and spiritually well; It also decreases low back and back pain, swelling, edema, and insomnia problems, especially in this period. People who stay away from inactivity and exercise regularly during pregnancy increase their chances of giving birth and their painful periods are also shortened.

5 exercise rules for a healthy pregnancy

Movement is essential for a more comfortable birth

During pregnancy, walking, swimming, yoga, and breathing exercises do not cause any risk for the expectant mother, as well as helping to make this process healthier and more comfortable. The purpose of the exercises is not to control weight, but to contribute to the birth process of the expectant mother. The point to be considered here is the time to start the exercise and the content of the movements.

Regular exercise will be beneficial for both the expectant mother and the baby within the framework of doctor-controlled planning.

5 exercise rules for a healthy pregnancy

Stop exercising as soon as you feel pain

Exercise times during pregnancy are between 30 and 45 minutes and with 5 or 10 minutes breaks, depending on everyone. In the case of excessive sweating, acceleration in the heartbeat, pain in the waist and abdomen during exercise, movements should be stopped immediately and the doctor should be informed. It is recommended that pregnant women prefer appropriate exercises that will relax them.

5 exercise rules for a healthy pregnancy

Pay attention to the rules of exercise during pregnancy

1. As long as the weather conditions are suitable, it is recommended to do the exercises outdoors.

2. As far as possible, places should be chosen away from noise and stress.

3. The exercise period should be long enough not to tire the pregnant woman.

4. The exercise plan may change according to the current month. It may be appropriate to perform simpler exercises in the later months of pregnancy.

5. Beginning from the 5th month of pregnancy, exercises on the back and side should be left.