5 gorgeous oval nail designs to try at home

5 gorgeous oval nail designs to try at home

Designing nails is a great way to spend time at home. Here are the unique oval nail designs you can inspire …

We started to spend more time at home than ever before. You can experiment with different artworks and shapes and become your own nail artist.

Oval nails are a classic manicure choice and have a slightly rounded tip. Simple and stylish oval nails make your fingers look longer and thinner, while providing enough space for nail art. You can replace your oval manicure with a variety of different textures, finishes and designs.

Artistic oval nails

If you are an art lover, why not add art to your nails? You can be inspired by many trends, from cubism to Pop Art. For best results, choose designs with patterns, block colors, or geometric elements. These will make your manicure stand out.

Cute designs

Polka dot nails have been popular for years, but the latest trend for nail art is cute dots. For full effect, pastel coat primer such as pink or light blue should be applied. Cute dots fit quite well on oval nails because they complement the rounded tip of the nail shape.


Beautiful pink, flamingos add a fun personality to your manicure. Interesting and cute flamingos make you smile every time you look at your nails. Although the classic design is one-legged flamingo, you can take a more subtle approach with sitting birds.

Fun designs

Let your nails speak with fun and interesting designs. Try adding a different symbol to each nail for the final expression of your personality. From abstract shapes to crowns, hearts, clovers and bees, your only limit is your imagination. The benefit of oval nails is that they fit many different shapes and designs, so you can be sure that everything you decide will look amazing.

Bird prints

Currently, not only flamingo nails are trending, but all kinds of bird themed nail art are very popular. It is not difficult to see why women embrace these furry friends. They look cute and fun and give your nails a personality. Choose your favorite bird species and reflect your own design.

5 gorgeous oval nail designs to try at home