9 parenting mistakes that will affect your child’s future

9 parenting mistakes that will affect your child’s future

It is very easy to judge children because they are children. By taking advantage of their eternal love, you may find the power to dominate yourself from time to time. Do not forget that the most determining effect of what character your child will have in the future when your child grows up is you, the parents. Do not be the prisoner of the most common mistakes in their adventure…

1. Punishing children in front of others

Sometimes mothers and fathers get angry, shout and even punish their children in front of others. They do not think much of such situations destroying their self-esteem or what they would feel if they were the same. By embarrassing or ignoring your child, you apply for an instant solution. But you will wick out any problems that may occur in the future.

2. Impact from the past

What happens in our childhood leaves a mark on what kind of parents we will be. However, this does not mean that we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our fathers and mothers. It is important to learn about the mistakes made to us and try to protect future generations from these negative emotions.

For example, we know today that physical punishment only has negative consequences. However, many modern parents still resort to such punishments and try to justify their actions by saying that their parents have done it to them. Instead, you should try to break the loop and not repeat your parents’ mistakes.

3. Not being able to give love enough

Although we love our children very much, sometimes we may not be able to give this feeling to them. Children who grow up moss from love will be more in the back of their social environment in the future. It can be difficult to make friends and trust them. So tell your child how much you love him at every turn, tell him what love is, hug him and make him feel like you are always with him and help him take out the love inside him. Then we can start sowing the seeds of a better future.

4. Bad habits

Parents are role models for their children. There is a strong connection between mothers’ habits and children. If you have a healthy lifestyle, you reduce your child’s risk of obesity by 75%. Researchers found that children growing up with good habits eat healthy, exercise regularly, do not smoke and consume very little alcohol.

5. Extreme freedom

Some of the emotions we experience in our childhood may have had serious effects on us and you may want to protect your child from these traumas. For example, you may have grown up in an overly authoritative family and not want your child to experience the same things. For this, you may want to create an unlimited freedom space for your child. Remember that excessive parenting will have negative effects on your child. If you think you are doing something nice, giving your child more space of freedom can create an abandoned feeling.

6. To overprotect

Parents think their children are unique and try to do their best. Although you try to grow it by wrapping it in cotton, they are all children in the outside world. If you constantly interfere with any negativity that your child may encounter, they will be quite inexperienced in dealing with disappointments when you are not with you. Children with an overprotective parent will be more cowardly towards life, and will always be afraid to take responsibility and go out of their comfort zone.

7. Destruction of trust

Trust is the emotion that children want to feel most. Parents are confident that even if they are mothers and fathers, their children will trust them unconditionally. But this is not the case at all. Stay away from behaviors that will require your children to be emotionally afraid of you. Threatening and frightening them will not protect your child, it will destroy your confidence and cause you to go away by creating a different area of ​​trust.

8. Aggressive behavior

When children have to deal with problems, they learn how to deal with problems by watching their parents. Your rude attitude towards them or others will have the same effect on children and will be a way to express their negative feelings when they get angry. Every negative attitude you see when you look at your child is actually the movements you have. Stop judging them, no matter how old, and witness your reflection.

9. Avoiding Problems

The easiest way to finish a problem is to walk away and forget it. However, this only results in covering things up and being unsolved. Conflicts between parents and children should never be without consequences and surrender to parenting power. You should stay calm in the discussion you have with your child and realize that you are equal and come to an agreement. By learning to look at things from their perspective, you prepare the ground for them to understand you. With this trust environment you create, you help your child develop their perspective on the events without any dispute.

9 parenting mistakes that will affect your child’s futureIt