Abdominal crack during pregnancy and postpartum corset usage

Abdominal crack during pregnancy and postpartum corset usage

Cracks that occur during pregnancy is a common issue that almost all mothers complain about. Like every nice thing, pregnancy also brings some side effects. Cracks in the abdomen, buttocks, legs and even butt areas, the absence of the navel after birth, and the sagging formed are the most common of these side effects.

The use of crack cream during pregnancy is one of the best measures to be taken against cracks. The use of a corset after birth motivates the mothers, as it helps the belly, waist and hip areas to recover quickly, as well as supporting the fit image and upright posture. The use of crack cream during pregnancy should be handled in detail after the use of corset. Let’s start with crack creams first.

Using crack cream during pregnancy minimizes the damage that may occur. Continuing to use after delivery provides a restorative effect. However, it is beneficial not to wait for your stomach to swell in order to use anti-crack products. Using an anti-crack product from the day you learn that you are pregnant is a precautionary measure against future cracks.

When to start cracks in the abdomen during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period when women experience intense physical changes. Weight gained in parallel with the growth of the baby causes crack formation in the body. During the 9-month pregnancy period, the most change occurs naturally in the abdomen. Abdominal cracks and itching are among the most common problems during pregnancy. The expectant mother’s belly swells from day to day and stretches. Depending on this, itching, crack and feeling of tension increases. Moreover, weight gain does not only affect the abdomen. Cracks in the legs, hips, hips and waist area and the same effects can be seen.

Like everything else in pregnancy, the skin structure can change. Weight gain and growing of the belly from day to day causes the abdomen skin to stretch and crack over time. Cracks are more common in pregnant women who gain excess weight. Although depending on the structure, cracks that sometimes do not occur for nine months as soon as they leave the delivery room may appear due to sudden weight loss.

What to do so that there is no crack in the abdomen during pregnancy

So, what should be used for abdominal cracks in pregnancy? It is useful to take precautions at the very beginning of the road. Using anti-crack products from the first day is an answer to the question of how to prevent abdominal crack during pregnancy. Using crack cream in pregnancy prevents the formation and permanent of unwanted cracks. Starting to care for your body from the day you learn that you are pregnant prevents your future problems from the beginning.

During your pregnancy, you should definitely moisten your abdomen, legs, buttocks and waist, which stretch and grow from day to day. The measures taken in this process allow you to get through the pregnancy with minimal damage. After birth, it is necessary to continue using anti-crack products until the body recovers itself. In addition, postpartum corset minimizes sagging and helps the body recover quickly.

What to use for abdominal stretch marks during pregnancy

The question of what to do so that there is no crack in the abdomen during pregnancy is the concern of every mother. Anti-crack creams nourish the skin thanks to the nourishing oils in them. For this reason, they are the products that are with the mothers both during pregnancy and after, in the fight against cracks.

There are many types of crack cream in pregnancy. Besides the cream, there are many options such as oil, lotion or body wax. Which one you use is completely up to you. By trying different products, you need to determine the product that suits your needs best. However, you should pay attention to your choices here. As natural as possible; It is useful to choose products that will not harm you and your baby. It should be remembered that any cream applied on the skin surface is absorbed.

Those who are looking for cream for abdominal stretch marks during pregnancy, you should definitely make a note of our crack cream recommendations that you can use both during and after pregnancy.

Badger Belly Oil / Abdominal Moisturizing Oil

Oils are the first among the most used as a crack preventive during pregnancy. Badger Belly Oil moisturizes your abdomen and minimizes pregnancy cracks. This USDA organic product nourishes the dried or stretched skin with rose and vanilla oils. The product, which is suitable for use after pregnancy, is absorbed quickly after application and does not leave an oily tissue.

Badger Belly Butter / Abdominal Moisturizing Cream

Another most frequently used product is, of course, anti-crack creams in pregnancy. Badger Belly Butter, which nourishes the skin and keeps it moist for a long time, moisturizes your dry and tense skin with the cocoa, coconut oil and vitamin E it contains. The product with USDA organic certificate can be used both for cracks that will occur during pregnancy and for cracks that occur after pregnancy.

Mambino Organics Collector Anti-Crack Balm

If you don’t want to use oil for cracking cream or cracks, you can try Mambino Organics Recovery Anti-Crack Balm. Mambino Organics Recovery Anti-Crack Balm can be used during your pregnancy while softening your dry and itchy skin and restoring its elasticity and moisture. You can also apply anti-crack honey to your abdomen, chest, hips and waist areas, which you can use to recover your abdomen after birth.

Mambino Organics Maternity Care Set

For combating cracks, you can also choose care sets with different products. Mambino Organics Maternity Care Set offers multiple effects with different products in its options. You can find all your crack preventive needs in these sets during pregnancy. The first Mambino Organics Set, which includes two different products, includes the Mambino Organics Recovery Anti-Crack Wax and nourishing, moisturizing body oil. The set both moisturizes and recovers the body. These products that provide shine to the skin also restore the skin’s elasticity and tone.

All needs in this set

If you need more products in the fight against cracks, you should definitely check out the Mambino Organics set. Bringing together all the products from the firming to moisturizer you need during your pregnancy, the set will be your biggest assistant in fighting cracks.

In the set; There are 4 different products: firming moisturizer, anti-crack oil, moisturizing serum and lip balm.

Youth Glow moisturizes the capillaries by nourishing the serum deeply. It provides a soft renewal of the skin. Body fat helps prevent tension marks and itching during pregnancy. The firming moisturizer provides brightness to the skin thanks to its non-oily formula. It restores skin elasticity and tone. Another product in the set is lip balm. The lip balm that renews and protects the lip color offers the care you deserve.

You can use all these products during pregnancy as well as after pregnancy. However, if you have not used crack cream during pregnancy and your cracks have formed, you still do not get upset. After pregnancy, work is not considered to be completely laid off. Birth cracks can pass with regular care, your body can return to its original state. If you are at this stage, there is another product we can recommend:

Mambino Organics Recovery Anti-Crack Serum

The gathering anti-crack serum combines 7 wonderful healing herbs of nature for you. By helping to provide elasticity by providing plenty of moisture to the skin, the serum helps alleviate the appearance of cracks in the skin caused by weight change. The serum that nourishes the capillaries supports your body’s regeneration. Serum that you can use until you get the desired look is applied by massaging moist skin in the morning and evening.

Of course, you do not have to wait until after birth to use this serum. It can also be used during pregnancy.

What should be done in order not to have a crack in the abdomen during pregnancy, it is also necessary to touch on the issue of the use of thinning corset after childbirth after pregnancy.

Corset after pregnancy

Sagging, as well as cracks in the abdomen, and the recovery of the abdomen are also the subjects that mothers seek solutions for. Whether the mother delivers a normal or cesarean delivery, her swollen abdomen for 9 months does not return immediately. Sometimes there is a slight swelling in people who are not overweight and who are underweight during pregnancy. Sometimes, especially in people who are overweight and get overweight for 9 months, they have enough belly to be subject to unfounded jokes such as “they have forgotten the baby inside”.

Corset after pregnancy is the method that mothers use most frequently to return to their old form for many years. Considering the effect it provides, it seems that the use of post-natal thinning corset will remain the same in 2020.

Corsets are adhered by wrapping the body tightly thanks to its special elastic fabrics. It supports the abdomen and waist area and provides the body to tighten. The thinner products, which also hold the waist and back, also support the upright posture. Doctors especially recommend the use of corsets after cesarean deliveries.

Corset reduces pain and motivates

During the 9-month pregnancy adventure, while the uterus grows day by day, the abdominal muscles expand and stretch. Although the uterus recovers shortly after birth, the abdomen that expands for 9 months cannot be regained as soon as the uterus. Corset belly thinning corsets after pregnancy are the first solution for this period.

Corsets can be used safely by mothers after pregnancy, which is also supported by specialists. Corset reduces pain after birth and supports upright posture. It enables mothers to feel better and more motivated after birth by revealing, shaping waist, tightening feel to the body and more fit appearance.

Corset after birth tightens the body

Corsets used after birth offer mothers all day use thanks to their breathable tissues. The first days after birth are advised to be removed only while taking a shower. Adjustable products provide both ease of use and motivation for mothers. Many products can be adjusted according to their size as the mother loses weight thanks to the adjustable hooks. This alone is enough to motivate the mother. When using the corset on the 1st hook, jumping on the 3rd hook over time is a picture of the progress made. The feeling of slimming and recovery makes every woman happy.

Mothers often remain undecided about the use of corsets after childbirth. Especially after cesarean deliveries, it is hesitant to use the product with the idea that it will put pressure on the wound and squeeze. However, the situation is not at all as expected. On the contrary, there are many benefits of using firming after birth. Many experts agree that the use of corsets after birth helps tighten the body. It can be used easily after both normal deliveries and cesarean deliveries.

You can reach the thinner corset recommendations from the articles of Buyurken.com Blog Team.

Corset after cesarean birth

Especially mothers who give birth to cesarean after pregnancy are often hesitant. However, many doctors recommend the use of corsets to mothers right after cesarean delivery. This not only prevents swelling around the cesarean wound, but also speeds up the blood flow and helps the wound to heal faster. Mothers who give birth by cesarean knows; Laughing for a while after birth, coughing, even turning left and right while lying down, forces the mother a lot. The feeling that internal organs are in space is experienced very often in this period. The use of corset after cesarean delivery also reduces these feelings. After the cesarean birth, the pain felt while laughing, crying or on the move decreases thanks to the use of corset.

Corset supports upright posture

Especially in the neonatal period, breastfeeding sessions that take a long time cause back and back pain especially in the mother. The mother, who does not know exactly how to breastfeed yet, enters the shape from the shape, while the baby stays in the breast for minutes and slowly sucks due to her weak chin. These long sessions bring very low back and back pains.

Corsets that support upright posture during breastfeeding thanks to their underwire support mothers in preventing these pains. In addition, the use of long-term thinner also helps to gather and tighten sagging skin.

When to use the corset after childbirth

Another issue that mothers are wondering is when should the corset be used after birth and how many hours should the corset be worn? As can be understood from the name of the birth corset, it can be used immediately after birth. These flexible clothes, which reduce pain especially in cesarean births, provide a quick recovery after normal births. For this reason, it can be used a few hours after giving birth. Mothers can wear the corset as much as they want during the day. However, the use of corsets all day after birth gives faster results. The best results are achieved only by those who remove the product during the shower and continue to be used stably for a long time.

Owli Postpartum Thinning Corset

For those looking for a corset proposal after birth, we can recommend the Owli brand. Owli postpartum thinner is the mothers’ biggest helper in restoring the body that changes during pregnancy. Owli breathable texture allows all-day use. Owli provides full grip since it can be easily adjusted according to the body, it supports both the upright posture and provides your body to be tightened in a short time.

Owli helps to quickly close the separation (diastasis recti) that occurs in the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Owli provides a fast thinning by reducing the swelling in the abdomen and also supports the waist and back.

Owli supports upright posture, reduces pain

Owli thinner also provides upright posture during breastfeeding. Breastfeeding can take quite a long time, especially in the neonatal period. Because both the baby and the mother do not master breastfeeding, prolonged breastfeeding moments cause back and back pain. Owli reduces back and back pain thanks to the back support underwires at the back, and improves your posture while breastfeeding. At this point, Owli is one of your biggest helpers during your entire breastfeeding period. It supports the upright posture during breastfeeding and prevents back and back pain.

Owli also draws attention with its size options. The waist circumference appeals to all mothers, from 60 centimeters to 140 centimeters. It is beneficial for mothers with a waist circumference between 61-90 centimeters to choose M / L sizes for mothers with XS / S and 91-110 cm. Owli size options are offered up to XL / XXL for mothers whose waist circumference is 111-140 centimeters.

Abdominal crack during pregnancy and postpartum corset usage