Attention if you experience fly flies

Attention if you experience fly flies

Ophthalmology Specialist warned about the problem of flying flies before the eyes.

When you get up while sitting or lying down, your eyes are dark, do you see flies flying in the places you look at? Well, it is thought that simple reasons lie beneath it, “is the tension, I’m dizzy, passes” Did you know that this so-called problem can result in serious statements?

When writing, reading a book or standing up, people seem to experience the feeling of flying a fly in front of their eyes. This situation can also be described by patients as a feeling of sootiness when looking at light colored floors. This problem, which is often neglected, can be a signal for very serious illnesses, from paralysis to vision loss, but also requires urgent consultation.

Fly flies before the eyes indicate other diseases

The eyes consist of an egg white consistency structure consisting of very thin and very regular fibers. The fibers provide this structure with a transparency in the consistency of water. Thus, a clear vision is gained in the eyes. But sometimes the order between these fibers is disrupted and a thickening may occur in their structure. As a result, the patient thinks that flies or blackheads fly before their eyes. Patients experience this situation when they look at a flat colored floor.

Concern fly flies

Fly flies can be a signal for important eye diseases such as retinal rupture. Being late in diagnosis and treatment of retinal rupture, which can be diagnosed and treated in the early period, may cause illness that may result in blindness called retinal detachment (separation). For this reason, if any flying objects or light shadows similar to lightning flashes are noticed in front of the eye, it is necessary to see an ophthalmologist without losing time.

Early diagnosis can prevent vision loss

Tearing in the retina brings with it bleeding. The resulting bleeding causes the blood to flow into the eye, which causes people to feel a fly flying in front of their eyes. Current bleeding stops on its own, but tearing necessitates early intervention. When the problem of retinal tears is noticed early, it can be solved with a laser. However, the laser does not prevent the visibility of objects flying in front of the eyes. With laser treatment, it is aimed to prevent only the problem of retinal detachment. Treatment is generally not needed as the feeling of something flying in the eyes can be tolerated by most people. However, if the situation is such that the person is in a size that will force them to do their daily activities, a clearer view can be provided to the patient with vitrectomy surgery.

Attention if you experience fly flies