Avoid carbohydrate consumption at breakfast

Avoid carbohydrate consumption at breakfast

Homeopathy Specialists made important statements for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way.

Thanks to its taste, when the potato that everyone loves is consumed too much, it can cause undesirable weight and excess fat intake. So, whenever potatoes that can be eaten every morning regardless of morning, noon, or evening are consumed, it will be more beneficial for the body. Is it possible to lose weight by eating potatoes? Which foods should we prefer to eat, especially at breakfast? Homeopathy Specialist Dr. See what she said.

How our food does not turn into fat

Dr. Özcan, pointing out the importance of when it is consumed more than what is eaten: “We need to adjust food throughout the day to lose weight and spend all daily calories. In the morning, it is better to choose slow and fast carbohydrates as food. Because most fast carbohydrates are rich in glucose and high in calories. It is important that the body spends this energy throughout the day. So it does not turn into fat.” said.

Stay away from carbohydrates in the morning

She continued his words as follows: “Slow carbohydrates, on the contrary, slowly release glucose and ensure that it is not stored as fat in the body, absorbed by the body. Cereals, nuts, fruits, dried fruits, desserts, potatoes are the most suitable for breakfast. For example, potatoes are always better to eat in the morning. In terms of starch-rich, high-calorie and then it can easily turn into fat. If you love breakfast, you have a much higher chance of spending the calories you have in running all day long by eating potatoes.

Apple helps improve the functioning of the stomach and intestines, so it is better to consume it in the morning. However, a fresh apple eaten in the evening can cause discomfort and increase stomach acid. “