Coconut oil peeling

Coconut oil peeling

The Aesthetic Doctor explained the coconut oil peeling that you can easily do at home for smooth and radiant skin.

We all want to have smooth and radiant skin. With the right skincare, this is not impossible. Healthy skincare is possible with peels that help remove dead cells, protect the body’s moisture balance, and renew skin.

You can make your skincare ideal with natural peels that you can easily prepare at home.

Coconut oil peeling

Coconut oil peeling

One of the best body peels is coconut oil peeling, which you can easily prepare at home. The most important point to be considered while preparing the peel is that coconut oil is cold, cold-pressed, and organic. This peeling, which you can prepare at home, will provide you both convenient and quite cheap. You can add coconut oil peeling to your weekly or monthly care routine.


– 1/4 cup coconut oil

– 1/2 cup brown sugar

– 1 lemon or a few drops of organic lemon oil

Preparation of

We mix all the ingredients in a bowl, if you want the consistency of your peeling to be a bit juicier, you can adjust the lemon juice accordingly.


We apply the peeling by drawing circular movements on our body and by applying light pressure, let’s not forget any massage movements should be from our hands and feet to the heart.

It is very important that the materials we use while caring for ourselves are natural because everything we apply to our skin is taken and it participates in the systemic circulation. If it contains toxic materials, it accelerates our aging by storing and disrupting organ functions. This anti-aging treatment both refreshes our skin and leaves a wonderful scent on us.