Decoration trends of 2020

Decoration trends of 2020

As we approach the new year, the trends of 2020 began to be discussed. While pastel tones, grays and earth colors remain dominant, metallic details, organic forms and angular surfaces will often be encountered in decoration.

Environmentalist and minimalist trend on the rise

EDDA Architecture Founder Interior Designer Eda Tahmaz analyzed the trends of this year and the developments that will be discussed in the near future in decoration, taking into account the residences of the future. According to Eda Tahmaz, who stated that multifunctional living spaces will emerge with the rising minimalist and environmentalist trend, natural textures, organic forms and angular surfaces will be preferred in decoration together with the retro-futuristic trend. Matte and pastel colors will be accompanied by metallic luster.

Compact life is preferred

In today’s cities, more compact living and working areas, where individuals are at the forefront, are becoming preferable. “In the next time frame, we will ask for more from technology and ourselves.” According to Eda Tahmaz, people will be digitalizing and technology will begin to humanize. Indicating that only individuals are increasing with urbanization, the interior designer states that the living space of people is shrinking with the effect of high living costs. These small living spaces also appear as multifunctional living spaces called ‘one design, several functions’, which contain many functions together.

Naturalness is at the forefront

Stressing that retro-futurism will be one of the most important architectural trends of the future, Tahmaz states that this trend will become more prominent especially in bathrooms, irregular and porous surfaces, matte and pastel colors, and organic forms. In the kitchens, natural textures, versatile forms and grids, patterns with grooves and protrusions, organic shapes with wood and terazzo show up in a dull and simple form.

Unprocessed materials are preferred

Indicating that raw and unprocessed materials will frequently take place in furniture and accessories, this year interior designers, recycled fibers, natural composites, stone and minerals, transparent and colored glasses, aluminum, steel, porcelain, ceramic, patterned-textured leather, grain woods in decoration trends. He adds that materials such as terracotta and clay and bamboo will be at the forefront and adds: “In addition, the designs will be supported with copper and bronze colored metals, polished and frosted surfaces, lacquer, performance, loose weaving, porous glaze, sandblasting. Natural contours, grids, metallic luster and shine, patina textures are preferred on floors and walls and aesthetics. a look will emerge. ”

Geometric patterned designs

Noting that one of the most remarkable trends of the year is solid and solid geometries, circles and triangles, angular surfaces, controlled curves and sphere forms to be used in furniture designs and accessories, dark mink and gray tones, live metallic, as well as green tones. and pastel shades will add color to furniture and accessories.

Decoration trends of 2020