Excessive coffee consumption causes detention bruises

Excessive coffee consumption causes detention bruises

Stating that factors such as genetics, lifestyle, diet, aging process, and eye care determine the appearance of detention. The doctor listed the causes of dark circles in custody and made recommendations.

Causes of detention bruises

– Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

– Sleep problems

– Tiredness

– Malnutrition

– Liver, kidney and thyroid diseases

– Low water consumption

– Heavy alcohol and caffeine consumption

– Smoking

Decreased subcutaneous adipose tissue and skin elasticity

– Bagging due to the bluish color and hernia of adipose tissue arising from the superficial course of the vessels

Pitting seen as a result of changes in bone structure and ligaments

– Conditions that stimulate the increase of the substance called melanin, which gives its color to the skin; sun rays, atopic eczema, pregnancy, and hormonal changes, allergens, and irritants

What can be done against detention bruises

Stating that underlying diseases, vitamins, and mineral deficiencies should be evaluated in the detention of bruises, Assoc. He said that herbal cures such as iron, potato, cucumber, and green tea can be used to remove the bruise from detention.

“We can benefit from massages that increase blood circulation around the eyes and creams containing vitamin K and C. Eye contour peels can be supported with mesotherapy applications, under-eye light filling, and laser methods. On the other hand, balanced and healthy nutrition, fresh vegetable, and fruit consumption are appropriate for the season sleeping for a sufficient period of time. It should be avoided by consuming plenty of water, drinking alcohol and smoking, and avoiding excessive coffee consumption.