Furniture trends of 2020

Furniture trends of 2020

Hotelya, which has left its mark on the production of movable and fixed furniture with hundreds of projects realized in Turkey and abroad, announced the decoration trends of 2020.

Comfort and functionality will be at the forefront of furniture decoration in the new year. While naturalness is still in vogue, we will see more of the decoration styles that include geometrical furniture.

Geometric forms are popular

2020 will be a year when original and enriched furniture designed according to a certain concept will mark the spaces. While it is important to design the furniture for maximum comfort and to rest; The use of colors, materials and details that reflect peace and tranquility will also be among the priorities. In the decoration trends of 2020, where simplicity is at the forefront, which cares about functionality, geometric forms are in addition to naturalness. Furniture with these forms will be used remarkably centrally or individually to create a balance in the space.

The king of 2020 classic blue

According to the 2020 decoration trends, the shades of blue are the primary colors we will see in furniture and decoration products. Vivid colors of this year will be replaced by matte and pastel colors, while pastel pink, water green and especially natural blue tones will be in fashion. We will see the classic blue especially in accessories, pillows and covers.

Material trends in decoration show wood

Wood, which is always a favorite, will be the material that will be used frequently this year. We will often see the raw state of wood in designs. Brass and chromium will be at the forefront in metals. Along with designs where these materials are used separately, many furniture designs in which metal, natural wood or marble are combined will take its place in our lives. While velvet fashion will be replaced by cotton and velvet satin in fabrics, it will be a year to use black and white patterns as complementary. Contrary to the warm look of the wood, it will be seen that concrete material is also used in decoration. Concrete furniture, especially used as raw, will take its place as a decoration item as a decoration item. These products with different forms will be used remarkably centrally or individually.