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Garden Pathway Ideas Walking Paths. As a landscape designer, one of my favorite themes is garden design and garden design the garden path! A well-thought-out garden and its homely landscaped garden path enliven a garden. It leads us to fully experience the magic and beauty of a garden.


Garden path ideas are also the materials you need to keep in mind: These are pieces of sawdust, gravel or granite. They are the easiest and cheapest materials to make garden walkways.

A super DIY landscape project that anyone can do: Steps to create benefits for Garden Rail and apply some amazing ground cover plants.

A landscape design secretly for you: natural stones are the perfect materials to create heavier with bushland!

Gray color and shades of gray also look great in a modern garden!

Such a poetic Japanese garden: pebbles here us a metaphor men’s streams to rivers, the small wooden bridge is impressive. Have the deep gray color of the slate!

Brick is a timeless material in garden design. It is especially suitable for traditional and garden garden design, such as Mediterranean or English Garden.

A grassy area is beautiful. It is not suitable-heavy traffic such as loaded wheel barrels. By offering attractive gems like bricks, slates or concrete last stones, you can have both beauty and functionality!

You can make beautiful patterns and designs with brick, slab, concrete or stone on their garden paths.


The grassy walk, lush garden areas with less pedestrian traffic and censored feet are perfect for those who like to walk.

Broken concrete is a great material for the creation of garden paths. The pieces here look more like natural stone.



It’s really comfortable to walk on compacted decomposed granite (i.e. DG, basically super fine gravel, ¼ ”smaller than particles looks and feels like fine sand). Mediterranean and Southwestern style is used much in garden designs.

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