How ready is your skin for spring

How ready is your skin for spring

While the winter season is gradually lagging behind, just like nature, our skin starts to change its skin, renew, and get under the influence of warm weather. Our skin, which comes out from the winter season, is also tired by the influence of external factors. At this point, Ergül Keskin, who stated that it is possible to overcome this transition process with small interventions to skin, Ergül Keskin explains skin care methods that can be applied in spring season.

It all starts with clean skin

Hydrafacial treatment is the best way to breathe and deeply purify the skin, which is exhausted by the effects of wind and cold weather in winter. Hydrafacial, one of the anti-aging care methods; It is an effective and equally useful procedure that includes skin renewal, cleansing, purification, acne and acne treatments.

Hydrafacial, which is made with the help of a vacuum shaped device, provides a deep cleansing and cleansing without any damage to the skin thanks to the developed vortex technology. The main feature of the hydrafacial process is that it makes the skin look healthier, brighter and younger. This method; It provides revitalization of the skin, reduction of fine lines and deep moisturization of the skin. It also helps to eliminate blackhead problem, enlarge and open clogged pores. It is a method that people who want to get refreshed in spring can easily apply to get rid of the winter effects on their skin.

Salmon DNA for nutrition after cleansing

Salmon DNA, a kind of youth potion, is a very effective application that easily minimizes the skin problems. Salmon DNA vaccine is a new generation beauty method based on the production of young cells on the skin with the help of salmon sperms and DNA molecules from hyaluronic acid.

This application aimed at removing wrinkles, sagging, fine lines and other signs of aging; applied to build, repair and rejuvenate. System; Salmon DNA obtained from polynucleotides and hyaluronic acid molecules produces young cells on the skin to minimize wrinkles and other signs of aging. Salmon DNA, which supports the skin structure and repairs the cells, restores the connective tissue and restores the skin thanks to its formulation very close to human DNA.

Feel your skin regeneration with Hifugold

If you are looking for a method that can be used to remove the loss of elasticity in the skin after cleansing and feeding, hifugold is for you… Hifugold, which is a non-surgical face lift procedure, is a method that is frequently applied between facial rejuvenation and tightening techniques.

This process, performed with controlled sound waves given to the lower layer of the skin, provides a more fit and youthful appearance. The energy created by the sound waves in the skin layer creates heat damage in the targeted area. This damage increases the production of collagen, initiating the configuration required for a fresh new skin. Hifugold application provides about 15,000 cell renewal and does not harm the upper surface of the skin. Hifugold process, which can be used safely on forehead, food and cheeks, is done by cleansing the skin and then applying the cooling gel. According to the region to be applied, the appropriate title for the device is selected and the process is started according to the pre-determined face analysis. It is a painless and painless procedure in general. It is a method that can be easily applied for those who are afraid of surgery but want to look younger.

How ready is your skin for spring.