Nutritional recommendations according to body type in spring term

Nutritional recommendations according to body type in spring term. Who noted that the most effective preparation for getting rid of the weight gained during the winter months and entering the summer is nutrition according to the body type. Dietician  underlined that before starting a healthy and effective diet programs, detox should be applied in order for the body to adapt to the new eating-drinking order.

Keep your body fresh while refreshing

Stating that detox will accelerate the metabolism and strengthen the immune system during the seasonal transitions, Dr. Dietician Gamze Şanlı Ak gave the description of detox drink that everyone can easily apply in this process. aka, “The spring period can also be considered as a detox period. We can prepare a green drink at breakfast. A glass of water and half a bunch of parsley, a green apple or two slices of pineapple, fresh ginger from the size of a hazelnut, a cucumber and a half lemon juice through a chopper. Depending on the individual, one or two boiled eggs can be consumed. Starting the day with this drink we have prepared will both renew the body and keep it fresh. ” He spoke in the form.

He also stated that in order to get rid of excess body in the body, the diet should be arranged according to the body type. Dietician Gamze Şanlı Ak said that there are two types of nutrition according to body type. Underlining that body type lubrication also differs according to gender, Ak stated that apple-type lubrication is observed in men and pear-type lubrication in women. Ak made appropriate nutritional recommendations based on body types.

Attention to the lubrication of internal organs in the apple type body

Saying that there is high lubrication in the apple-type body, especially in the abdomen, seen in men, Ak stated the points that individuals with this body type should pay attention to: “In the apple type, the arms and legs in the body are thinner and the abdomen is quite fat. This situation is dangerous for health. Because the fat in the abdomen brings risks such as fatty liver, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance. The individuals who have it should firstly stay away from carbohydrates and foods with a high glycemic index.They should prefer healthy proteins such as chicken, fish, meat as dietary model. It should be paid attention to fruit consumption in this nutrition model because consuming too much fruit can have a trigger effect on insulin resistance, I recommend it not more than twice a day. ”

Reduce fat consumption in the pear type nutrition model

Ak, who generally recommends pear-type nutritional advice for women, “This type of fat is observed especially in the hip and hip area. The upper part is thinner. It is necessary to stay away from foods with high estrogen content. In this type of nutrition model, it should be avoided from the foods that are very fatty. These individuals’ fat, butter, packaged products are less. However, they should turn to healthy fats such as coconut oil, walnut and avocado oil, and they should not use the visible fats of the meat and chicken in their diets. Therefore, after the age of 40, these individuals should also stay away from foods high in carbohydrates. ” said.

At least 7 thousand steps should be taken per day

Expressing that exercise is also very important during this period, Ak said ”With spring, our metabolism also awoke from winter sleep. Therefore, we must exercise 2-3 days a week to keep our immunity high. 40-45 minute exercises will be sufficient. During this period, cardio exercises such as walking, running, swimming, cycling can be done. We should take at least 7 thousand steps as a daily activity so that our body understands that it is active ” he spoke.

Daily meal recommendation

Ak also offers a daily meal that will not disturb the stomach and is suitable for the spring period. “I propose to start the day with breakfast instead of coffee. Breakfast should also be a pastry, a bagel, not a classic Turkish breakfast, cheese, olives, cold cut vegetables, bread or milk, yoghurt, oats, fruit. Between meals, up to two or three cups of green tea can be drunk daily. At lunch, I recommend a bowl of soup and a plate of vegetable or legume, as well as a bowl of yogurt or salad. Depending on the need, a slice of bread can be eaten. However, flour soups should definitely be avoided. After lunch, one can choose fresh fruit and yogurt or 10-15 almonds / hazelnuts. It will be appropriate to spend your dinner with protein support such as fish, meat and chicken and consume green salads with it. I do not recommend foods containing carbohydrates in the evening. If there is no need, nothing should be consumed after dinner. The main meal must be completed 4 hours before bedtime. However, if the individual lies too late and needs to eat, a glass of milk or probiotics containing foods can be consumed 2 hours before bedtime. However, up to 2-2.5 liters of water should be drunk daily. The consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits should be increased. Especially fruits with high vitamin C should be given a little more weight ” made recommendations.

Nutritional recommendations according to body type in spring term.