Summer 2020 makeup trends

Summer 2020 makeup trends

Instagram became the inspiration for this season’s trends due to canceled events due to coronavirus. We’ve compiled 10 new makeup trends for you to try our time at home during the epidemic days …

Pastel shades

This season, pastel tones stand out quite a lot. Peach shades in particular are pioneers in the 2020 trends. Peach tones, which can be used in all make-up, create a very natural atmosphere. Creating.

Lilac tones

Lilac and purple shades have long been popular. Lilac shades that you can use as pastel or bright give the makeup a softer look.

Statement style

Now everything has a ‘statement’ style. The red tones that come to mind when talking about the statement on lips change this summer. You can upgrade your mood with bold colors such as red, pink, orange, purple on the lips.

Beach weather

We are bringing the beach air, the glow of the sun, and the bronze skin home this year! With colorless moisturizers and bronze palettes, you can look like you have spent the whole year on the beach shore.

Shiny lips

Natural makeup is among the biggest trends of Summer 2020. Colorless polishers, which can be in great harmony with this trend, create a healthy appearance while moisturizing your lips.

Glass skins

Glass skin makeup, inspired by the natural shimmer, can be achieved with moisturizers or lighteners. Glass skins with a bright air stand out with the glitters in the cheekbones.

Powder pinks

In the summer of 2020, where lighter shades will come to the fore, we will see powder pink everywhere. Shimmering pink with the naturalness of pastel tones will do wonders on your eyelids.

Neon eyes

One of the biggest trends that have climbed to the top in recent years is neon. You can try neon colors with nude lips and moisturizer. If neon yellows, greens, and pinks aren’t your thing, you can try bright reds and blues that are just as striking as these shades.

Blushes are coming back

Blushes that are forgotten with the bronzer and contour trends are preparing for a strong return. Fairytale pink cheeks will come to the fore this season. Blushes are also great for upgrading your mood!

Eyeliner art

The graphic eyeliner trend, which has become very popular in recent years and never descends from the summit, will add an eccentric atmosphere to your style. You can try the graphic eyeliner trend with different colors without being limited to black.