Take care of your eye health during pregnancy

Take care of your eye health during pregnancy

There are some hormonal changes in the body of women during pregnancy. Since every part of the body is affected by this situation, some problems may arise in the eyes. If eye problems develop during mothers during pregnancy, they should be treated in a way that does not affect the overall health of the baby and the mother. Having a detailed eye examination during or before pregnancy helps to identify problems that may develop for expectant mothers in advance.

Symptoms in pregnancy need to be examined well

It is necessary to pay attention if there are symptoms such as high swelling during pregnancy, blurring in vision or loss of vision, double vision and flashing light in front of the eye. Because these symptoms can be the harbinger of more important eye problems. Having regular eye exams regularly prevents this process from progressing to dangerous dimensions. However, while diagnosing the diseases during the examination, it is also necessary to pay attention to the tools used. During the examination, it is important to protect the expectant mother’s abdomen with a radiation-proof shield if X-rays are required. It is worth noting that the contrast agent is used to view the eye vessels. The fact that it is not preferred unless it is obliged to protect the expectant mother from the development of problems.

Artificial drip treatment for common eye dryness

Due to the changes brought by pregnancy, dry eyes may begin first. This dryness caused by the decrease in the androgen hormone is resolved with the help of artificial eye drops. Op. Dr. Hüseyin Sanisoğlu “Since eye dryness is among the most common problems, we do not recommend using contact lenses during pregnancy.” Candidates who suffer from diabetes and high blood pressure before pregnancy need to pay more attention to diseases such as myopia and eye pressure.

Examination in pregnancy prevents permanent problems

The occurrence of cloudiness in the eye during pregnancy may indicate an increase in blood sugar levels. Therefore, expectant mothers suffering from pregnancy-related diabetes should therefore be examined when they feel blurred in their views. It is important that pregnant women with high blood pressure disease also pay attention to bleeding that may develop in the retina. In prospective mothers who have tears in their retina, retinal tears can be seen due to difficulties during delivery. In order to prevent this disease, which can progress up to permanent visual loss, eye examinations must be performed precisely during pregnancy follow-up.

Pay attention to these elements

There are a few factors that pregnant women should pay particular attention to during this period.

– Tears may decrease during pregnancy. Therefore, dryness and stinging sensation are encountered in the eyes. The use of artificial drops provided by the ophthalmologist allows this problem to be solved easily.

– In the 3rd and 4th months, intraocular pressure may decrease. Due to this process, which is affected by the postpartum period, it is important for patients using eye drops to have an examination before and after birth.

– For pregnant women with a high degree of myopia, retinal tears and thinning should be closely monitored.

– People with diabetes have a risk of developing diabetic retinopathy during pregnancy. Therefore, examination of mothers in the first 3 months and 6 months of pregnancy provides an advantage in the diagnosis of this disease.

– Since the thickening of the cornea can develop, the glasses numbers can change. Due to this change that can improve with birth, eyeglasses examinations are left after birth.

– Candidates who have visual defects and need to have excimer laser treatment must be treated 6 months before pregnancy.

Take care of your eye health during pregnancy