The 10 most common mistakes in the newborn period

The 10 most common mistakes in the newborn period

The first 28 days of life are considered as newborns and this period requires special care. Undoubtedly, every mother and father is trying to do the best for the healthy development of their babies they tremble on. So, what are the wrong habits in society during the newborn period? What wrong habits should be avoided during this period?

1. Drinking sugar water to prevent jaundice

Actually, this information has no medical basis. Moreover, contrary to the widespread belief in society, sugar water is not beneficial, but it can rarely cause water poisoning. Every newborn baby can turn yellow. Saying neither sugar nor water nor wrapping the baby from head to toe with yellow clothes and clothes can prevent this. İmre Gökyar continues his words as follows: “Jaundice usually rises in the first 7 days and decreases every day. The value of bilirubin is closely monitored by the doctor in the first week. If the blood reaches the level that can cross the brain barrier, phototherapy is applied.”

2. Not having a bath until the navel falls

The belly of the newborn baby drops spontaneously in 5-15 days. Saying that such a rule was established in order to prevent the risk of infection in the past. İmre Gökyar gives the following information: “If the conditions are suitable, it is okay to have a newborn baby bath. However, against the risk of infection, the belly should be dried with a sterile gauze after the bath, and it should be kept open by leaving it open.”

3. Not going out for the first 40 days

Contrary to popular belief in society, the baby and mother can go out after collecting themselves and adjusting the breastfeeding intervals. Because outdoors, it is healthier than indoor environments. Activities started with 10-15 minutes outdoors can be extended up to one hour in time.

4. Drinking lemon juice when hiccups

Hiccups are formed by the stretching of the membrane called the diaphragm that separates the abdomen from the rib cage. Hiccups, which is a normal condition for newborns, do not harm the baby and stops with a sucking action. One of the faulty practices performed during the newborn period is to drink lemon juice to the baby holding the hiccup. Contrary to popular belief, lemon does not benefit, as it is acidic and harms the baby’s gastric mucosa.

5. Thinking that it is not saturating and immediately starting formula

Breast milk, which is the most beneficial food for children, is generally sufficient for the nutrition and development of babies aged 0-6 months. However, infants should be monitored frequently during the newborn period and weekly weight monitoring should be done. The baby’s weight gain of 150-250 grams per week means that it is saturated with breast milk. If the weekly weight gain remains below 150 grams, the amount of breast milk should be evaluated and if necessary, formula support should be started.

6. Drinking water while feeding formula food

Honestly: There is absolutely no such need. Formula foods are very close to breast milk in terms of content and density, so babies do not need water. Therefore, water should not be given to babies who take food until additional food is started.

7. Dropping breast milk into eyes, ears, and nose

It is very common in our society and it is a very wrong application. Dr. Warning that eye, nose, and ear care should be done with sterile saline babies, “Because even if milk is breast milk, it produces bacteria after 3 hours and it can cause an infection when it is instilled in the eye or ear. If there is an infection, the appropriate treatment should be started by consulting a doctor.” says.

8. Apply salt or soil to your skin

The most serious mistake made by the newborn is that the baby is salted as soon as he is born so that he does not sweat when he grows up. However, salt applied to the vulnerable baby’s body can lead to fluid loss. As a result of fluid loss in the body, a heavy picture such as brain bleeding can develop. “Never salt your baby or apply soil to your body.”

9. Dropping lemon juice into the eye

Dropping lemon juice into the eyes for a sharper eye can also cause complications such as keratitis and infection in the baby’s eyes.

10. To make swaddling legs so that they are straight

It is also a mistake to swaddle newborn babies so that their legs are straight. The normal posture of babies is frog legs. Contrary to what is thought, it can damage the hip and cause a deformity in the legs.

The 10 most common mistakes in the newborn period