The causes of feeling unsatisfied

The causes of feeling unsatisfied

Do you constantly feel hungry for no reason and timelessly? The reason for the constant feeling of hunger is probably related to your lifestyle…

If you are constantly hungry and are unable to get enough while eating, there may be several reasons behind this. Here are some of the reasons for the constant feeling of hunger, according to experts.

People who love laughing are more hungry

According to the study presented at a biology conference in California, if you have a great sense of humor and love to laugh, this can make you more appetite. Research between two groups of people reveals that people who watch entertaining videos are hungry faster than those who watch videos on more serious topics.

Daylight is essential for a healthy metabolism

In addition, the lack of daylight causes the metabolism to deteriorate after a while, and the body’s desire for fatty and sweet foods increases. The reason for this is the body’s desire to release endorphins to try to eliminate the unhappiness caused by dark air. The key point in this regard is to take care of daylight as much as possible during the day.

Fiber foods increase the duration of satiety

Not eating fiber can also make you constantly feel hungry. Because as a result of consuming fibrous foods, bile absorbs the fluid in the stomach. Fruits and vegetables provide the necessary bile so that a long-term feeling of satiety is experienced.

Finally, migraine medications, allergy medications, and tranquilizers can disable histamine receptors, which can create a feeling of hunger.

The causes of feeling unsatisfied