Things to consider for your child’s dental health

Things to consider for your child’s dental health

Saying that healthy teeth in childhood are an investment in the future, Dentists prepared a list for parents.

Dental care neglected in childhood can lead to more serious problems later in life. While especially sugary foods cause tooth decay, regular brushing and routine doctor control negligence are heavy. The dentist made very important recommendations for parents to help children have healthy teeth for life.

Things to consider for your child's dental health

– Drink lots of water and milk for your kids. Make it drink as little as possible from juices and sugary drinks.

– Do not neglect regular dentist examinations from the age of 3.

– Get junk food habits before or after the main meals or eliminate them altogether.

– End the bottle habit and use glasses after 1 year of age, especially at night.

– Frozen tooth ring helps to reduce pain when teeth are coming out.

Things to consider for your child's dental health

– Generally, children can brush their own teeth after 2 years of age. But they need help until the age of 5. Therefore, it is important to be with them or even brush them together while brushing teeth.

– Routine brushing your teeth every morning and evening.

– Set an example for your children on regular brushing and flossing.

– Give your children the habit of eating raw vegetables and fruits. Raw consumption of fruits and vegetables provides both mineral and vitamin intake and mechanical cleaning of the teeth. However, make sure that fruits and vegetables are washed very well.

– Do not use the spoon and fork that you put into your mouth until the age of 1. Do not kiss on the lips of your children. Because the carbon-causing microbes are contagious, and when the immune system of children is not fully developed, it is transmitted from the mother and father. The later this infection is, the less your children will encounter bruises and gum disease.