Unknown about Sirt-food diet

Unknown about Sirt-food diet

With the Sirt-food diet, which has gained fame with the weight given by Adele recently, it is claimed that a healthy life will be sustained without intense exercise and the feeling of hunger disappears with foods such as green tea, arugula, black cabbage, coffee, medina palm, buckwheat, red onion. Is it really possible to lose weight this way? Here’s what you wonder from the expert about the Sirt-food diet.

Increases fat burning

Nutritionist Nursena Altunsu from Medipol University Homeland Clinic made important statements regarding the recently mentioned Sirtuin, namely Sirt-food diet. Altunsu stated that 20 foods draw attention in the Sirtuin diet and stated: “Green tea, rocket, cabbage, cocoa (85 percent), coffee, strawberry, medina, chicory, bird eye chili, buckwheat, celery, capers, blueberry, turmeric, red onion, walnut, extra virgin by those who advocate this diet It is stated that 20 foods, including olive oil, activate sirtuin proteins, prevent muscle breakdown, even increase fat burning and decrease body weight without feeling hunger. It is also reported to be anti-inflammatory through the polyphenols it contains. “

Animal foods should be consumed limited

Stating that individuals do not experience calorie restriction, Altunsu stated that the practitioners of the Sirtuin diet would claim a longer healthy life without starving and intensive exercise. “Although it is stated that there is no calorie restriction at the stage of diet application, 1 main meal consisting of Sirtuin diet foods for the first three days and 3 meals consisting of green juices, in other words, 2 main meals and green fruit juices consisting of Sirtuin diet foods on days 4-7. It has been argued that 1500 kcal should be taken as 2 meals in addition.In addition, according to the sirtuin diet, the first meal should be consumed early and nothing should be consumed after 19.00. Limited amount of red meat and milk / dairy products, moderate consumption of fish and poultry are recommended. . ” used expressions.

Different from the Mediterranean diet

Altunsu, “Sirtuin diet advocates emphasize the similarity of this diet to the Mediterranean diet. However, the Mediterranean diet recommends a sufficient intake of all nutrients, including milk / dairy products, meat / chicken / fish, legumes, whole grains, vegetables and fruits, with a personal diet. It is the most viable form of nutrition for healthy and healthy life. Although the applicability of popular diets such as sirtuin diet is limited in the long term, more experimental studies are needed for their reliability. ” said.

Unknown about Sirt-food diet