Well known mistakes in spotty skin care

Well known mistakes in spotty skincare

How knowledgeable are you in spotty skincare? How confident are you with the reliability of the products you use, which ingredients are good for your skin, and which are not? “I’m doing my best, but still something is missing” If you say, you may be widely accepted, but practicing completely useless or harmful practices. Here are the misunderstandings…

Well known mistakes in spotty skin care

How acne occurs

Although expressions such as hot water, rubbing, pressing well, seem like the keywords of good skin cleansing from afar, they are actually no use other than irritating the skin. And unfortunately, very few people know this. The same is true for a pimple or acne-prone skin with oil/moisture balance. The reason for the appearance of acne is sebum, the content of which varies or increases production due to various factors. This causes excessive growth of P. acne bacteria in the skin’s natural flora and is now perceived by the body as a threat. Then welcome blackhead and acne…

Well known mistakes in spotty skin care

Improperly known applications on spotty skin

– Not paying attention to the hygiene of make-up materials. Especially makeup brushes. Brushes that are not cleaned regularly cause acne because they accumulate bacteria.

– It has nothing to do with nutrition. We cannot say that scientifically malnutrition causes acne. However, it is a fact that in some people, fatty foods contribute to the formation of acne. For this reason, it is very important that the person knows his body well and regulates his nutrition accordingly.

– This is the blackhead, of course, it will be boring. Squeezing the blackheads triggers inflammation under the skin, making it easier to transform into acne.

– Sun and sea pimples completely. Tanning or seawater makes pimples disappear for a while, but not completely. Not using sunscreen can cause acne scars to turn into permanent spots.

– Acne passes by itself. It is very common to see hyperpigmentation on acne-free skin. Treatment of acne that does not care for a long time and getting out of control becomes difficult.

– Squeezed pimples spread to that area. It is not spreading because the pimples are squeezed, but because the production of sebum increases with tactile stimuli in that area. Even squeezing, just touching the face is enough for pimples to get rid of it.

– If I rub my face thoroughly, I can kill the bacteria. This does nothing but irritate the skin to get rid of dead skin, dirt, and bacteria on the skin. Instead, a steady skincare routine should be applied daily. An effective cleanser, moisturizer, and tonic is essential for maintaining the oil and moisture balance of the skin.