What is labioplasty and how is the operation process

What is labioplasty and how is the operation process

Although labioplasty surgery is a kind of aesthetic, it is a genital aesthetic operation that women have recently preferred.

Every woman wants to be beautiful and look aesthetic, they undergo various operations. The operation includes the aesthetic correction of the inner lip and the outer lip in the vagina if it is larger and saggy than it should be. As a result, the person feels good and beautiful on both sides. Besides its aesthetic appearance, the side effects of being large and saggy when viewed
There are:

– It increases the risk of infection by keeping the vagina moist.

– She may experience negative experiences in her sexual life and cause pain.

– It does not feel comfortable in daily life and social activities and is afraid to wear a swimsuit bikini.

– Feels bad with the thought of not living together.

The reason for being larger than normal is not caused by congenital, but by hormonal disorders after puberty, and in the future, the color change becomes saggy and twisty. It is a condition that occurs more after adolescence and it becomes the desired state with the aesthetic operation of the person and ensures a more normal life. It has been applied in many women since the 2000s and has had successful results. It is one of the most frequently applied aesthetic operations in our country and in the world.

Operating process

This operation, which is for aesthetics and health, lasts approximately 30 minutes and is preferably performed under general or local anesthesia. At the start of the process, the doctor generally coincides with the end of the menstruation, and the patient returns to his normal daily life after the operation. He is asked not to shower only for 2 days and does not recommend not to have sexual intercourse for 15-20 days. At the end of the given time, showers should be standing and paying attention to hygiene. Otherwise, there is a problem with infections and stitches. The need to remove the sutured stitches does not arise and is absorbed on the body side. There is no trace left on the sutured place. The person continues their daily activities after the operation. This area becomes more sensitive and sexual pleasure is felt more intensely. It does not damage the hymen and the virgins do not have any problems. The person can choose the birth he/she wants to have no problems in the process of conception and birth. There is no scar or scar, even if the person goes to another doctor, it is not understood. Price is the most important question that people think about. The most important factor is the doctor, it varies between 2,000 and 10,000. It is not affiliated with the health insurance and payment is not made. Since the operation is performed with anesthesia, the person does not feel pain or pain, but when the anesthesia effect begins to pass, some people feel the pain this week. Pain is reduced with the painkiller recommended by the doctor. No other side effects or pain occur. Rarely, bleeding and edema may be seen and you should definitely inform your doctor. At the same time, if there is an infectious condition and continues, antibiotic treatment should be continued. Normally, some patients may experience spotting up to one week after surgery. Apart from the operation, sometimes non-surgical treatments are also performed. Radiofrequency does not only improve but only slightly decreases. Therefore, it is not preferred. One of the most frequently asked questions of people is whether there is an obstacle to having children. It does not prevent conception or childbearing for the person. Loosening occurs only as the region will stretch during childbirth. After giving birth to a healthy child, there will be no relaxation or stretching, since there will be no operation and healthy pressure.

Is there a risk of surgery

It is not a risky operation and there is no health problem afterward. If done safely in a competent hospital and by authorized doctors, you will continue your life without any problems or troubles. If you have the same discomfort in yourself and affect your quality of life, you should definitely go to a gynecologist and evaluate your condition. If an operation is deemed appropriate, an operation is performed in accordance with hygiene conditions, and after a little rest period, you can get the appearance and health you want and continue your life.